Love for Writer Emergency Pack


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  • Beautifully crafted, and tremendously useful. These cards can turn the most frustrating time in a writing project into the most wonderful.

    Marc ZeedarKickstarter backer
  • Shuffling through the deck during one of my own jams helped me brainstorm a finale to a recent short story that I had no idea how to finish.

    Michael Patrick HicksKickstarter backer
  • This has been a helpful tool that has pulled me out of a few creative slumps. Fantastic for any kind of storyteller.

    Bryan RowlandKickstarter backer
  • I highly recommend this deck for any writer out there.

    Stefan HillsKickstarter backer
  • These are awesome! They really put together a neat bundle of inspiration in a tiny package. Definitely not just for writers.

    Lincoln M. DamerstKickstarter backer
  • A wonderful gift to anyone interested in screenwriting or filmmaking in general. I highly recommend it.

    Rajesh NarothKickstarter backer