Double the suggestions in a new, larger format.

Writer Emergency Pack XL takes everything we’ve learned over the past eight years to make the deck of our dreams.

The new XL deck contains 52 illustrated cards — double the original — each featuring different ideas for getting unstuck.

The cards are now 30% larger. Backers loved the original Writer Emergency Pack, but wished information wasn’t split between two cards. With the new larger size, everything fits on a single card.

Writer Emergency Pack XL contains:

  • 52 illustrated cards with detailed suggestions and specific tips to try
  • Instructions for individual and class use, plus a bonus story game (”Cards Against Normality”)

The Cards

Writer Emergency Pack contains 52 illustrated cards, each featuring a different idea for getting unstuck.

Each illustrated card contains an idea, a detailed description and on the back you’ll find tips to try.

This is an extremely helpful set of cards! I’ve only had these a few hours and it’s already helped me with my novel. Card numbers 38 and 40 are particularly amazing! Can’t say enough about how cool these are to have in my hand!